Covid Rules – Applicable 29th March to further notice

HOEA – Covid Rules for Flying

In order to comply with the guidelines released today, we will have a few new simple rules to follow at the field until further notice. These rules will allow the club to be exempt from the ‘Rule of 6’
meaning we can all enjoy our flying. We have applied them in hopefully the most straightforward way possible, so they are as least restrictive as they can be while staying on the right side of the law.

Track & Trace
We need to keep records for 21 days of who has attended the flying field. We have 2 main ways of doing this, plus a backup.
The first is to follow this link and fill in the details each time you go flying.

For those with a smart phone the second option is to scan the QR code that is around the site (caravan and benches) when you arrive and this will take you to the above webpage for booking in.

For those that aren’t able to scan a QR code, please book in before setting off to the field by contacting Duncan via text message (07779256506), with your name, address, mobile number, time
arriving and leaving.

Unfortunately due to the guidelines and the factors brought up in the risk assessment, we are going to have to keep the caravan closed for the time being. The HSE template that we needed to compete expects a committee member to be on site to supervise that rules are been adhered to, which obviously isn’t possible. The only reason the caravan can be entered is for access to the first aid kit. If you have the need of the first aid kit, please wear a mask at all times while in the caravan and use the hand sanitiser on the way in and out that will be provided. Please also wipe down the first aid kit after each time you have used it with the wipes provided. 

Social Distancing
Please keep 2m apart at all times, when on the flightline/pits. Once we open the caravan again it will be tight on space, so we may need to look at limiting the amount of people allowed in there at once. I doubt it will actually affect our use, as it’s generally only 2/3 people in there at a time. We will let you know when it’s open again.

The attendance of non-members should be kept to a minimum and to zero where possible.

Please remember that juniors are the responsibility of the parent/adult bringing them to the club and that they follow the social distance guidelines.

Thank you